1. 10 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Car Tires

    In today’s modern, eco-friendly world, it’s nice to recycle and repurpose old things, especially when they can’t be used as originally intended. When car tires lose most of their tread and become unsafe to continue using on your vehicle, this gives you a perfect opportunity to turn your set of tires into something new and different. And we’re not just talking about your standard tire swing…Read More

  2. Buying Used Car Tires vs New Car Tires

    Like any responsible automobile owner, you want the best care for your car or truck. As such, that means replacing your car tires when your tread gets too low. You might be looking into buying used tires, so you can save that extra cash you would have spent on more expensive, brand new tires. But you’re not too hasty about the decision because you’re a smart consumer, right? A few questions pr…Read More

  3. Normal Air vs Nitrogen in Car Tires

    Though you might consider the tread, profile and size of your car tires, what’s actually inside the car tire tends to be more of an afterthought for many people. Generally, standard air is put in most people’s car tires. But what about pure nitrogen? Some manufacturers fill high-performance car tires with nitrogen from the start, but what difference does nitrogen make over standard air? Your w…Read More

  4. How do Car Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

    Chances are, you’re probably looking to get decent fuel economy with your car. It’s not like you’re shooting to get a wallet-destroying 12mpg, even if you do drive a large truck. And hey, you’re already pretty much forced to drive if public transportation is not a viable option where you live, so you might as well suck out every mile possible out of each gallon of gas burnt. One of the way…Read More

  5. 4 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

    At times, owning a car can feel like more of a hassle than an advantage. The fear of not getting from point A to point B is a legitimate concern. When things do go awry, it’s not often a simple fix either. To make your relationship with your car a little easier, our tire and auto experts of West Virginia are here to help you know these simple things: What kind of car do you drive? It is not rare…Read More

  6. How Are Tires Made?

    So, a tire is just a piece of rubber shaped into a circle so that your car will drive smoothly down the road, right? Well, the process that goes into manufacturing a tire is much more complicated. As your West Virginia wholesale tire distributors and in-house tire experts, we know our tires inside and out! In reality, tires are more than just rubber. There are also components of fiber, textile, an…Read More

  7. Please Use Our Tire Disposal Services

    Proper tire disposal is a worldwide issue. While efforts are ongoing to minimize these problems, this type of disposal is particularly challenging. Tires are not made from biodegradable material and so are only recycled and repurposed. However, mass tire dumps, commonly referred to as “seas of tires,” are still seen today and present environmental, health, and safety hazards. Concerns of impro…Read More