1. How Snow Chains Work on Car Tires

    While winter has yet again passed, springtime is here, and depending on where you are, that could mean that major snowstorms are still possible. Even if snow is not a possibility in the near future, it’s important to be prepared when it does come. If you’re in extremely snowy conditions and you don’t have four-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, or good snow tires, then putting on a set of snow ch…Read More

  2. How to Know When You Need New Tires

    Ah, tires: The only thing connecting your vehicle to the road. Since tires are so paramount to the overall performance and safety of your vehicle, it’s extremely important to know when they need to be replaced, by periodically assessing a variety of factors. Knowing what to look for in worn-down tires will significantly help you determine when the time is right to buy car tires, and also figure …Read More

  3. When To Invest in Winter Tires

    Can tennis shoes be worn every day of the year? Yes, but they may not be the most appropriate footwear for visiting the beach or trudging through a snow drift, right? Depending on the situation, you may benefit better from a pair of sandals or winter boots where your tennis shoes may not necessarily protect you for all conditions. This same concept can be applied to your understanding of your vehi…Read More

  4. Winterizing Your Vehicle

    With our headquarters in Clarksburg and a total of seven locations throughout West Virginia, Wholesale Tire, Inc. is your one source stop for your winter tire needs. Before those first flakes hit the ground, be prepared! Here, we have gathered a list of suggested tasks to winterize your vehicle as a friendly reminder to locals and the new person to this area: Check your tire pressure- as the tempe…Read More