1. Please Use Our Tire Disposal Services

    Proper tire disposal is a worldwide issue. While efforts are ongoing to minimize these problems, this type of disposal is particularly challenging. Tires are not made from biodegradable material and so are only recycled and repurposed. However, mass tire dumps, commonly referred to as “seas of tires,” are still seen today and present environmental, health, and safety hazards. Concerns of impro…Read More

  2. Winterizing Your Vehicle

    With our headquarters in Clarksburg and a total of seven locations throughout West Virginia, Wholesale Tire, Inc. is your one source stop for your winter tire needs. Before those first flakes hit the ground, be prepared! Here, we have gathered a list of suggested tasks to winterize your vehicle as a friendly reminder to locals and the new person to this area: Check your tire pressure- as the tempe…Read More