Proper tire disposal is a worldwide issue. While efforts are ongoing to minimize these problems, this type of disposal is particularly challenging. Tires are not made from biodegradable material and so are only recycled and repurposed. However, mass tire dumps, commonly referred to as “seas of tires,” are still seen today and present environmental, health, and safety hazards.

Concerns of improper tire disposal:

  • if left unburied, tires can become a home for vermin, insects, and pestsdreamstime_xxl_13452196
  • rainwater accumulation creates a particularly ideal environment for mosquitoes
  • large accumulations of tires have the potential of igniting fire hazards
  • tires tend to rise to the surface if disposed in a normal landfill

Tire disposal is a prevalent environmental issue. Most states and countries require that tires be disposed of by licensed merchants, and tire scrap burning is illegal and results in fines. That said, there are some methods of reducing tire waste that are more manageable.

  • controlled burning (is not commonly done because of large amounts of carbon released)
  • ground and melted down for use in highway construction material
  • repurposed for use on basketball courts
  • recycled into shoe material
  • shredded down for use in soft ground for playgrounds, backfill for civil engineering programs, garden mulch, erosion control barriers, and even drainage around buildings

Wholesale Tire, Inc. recognizes the serious problems that can arise from the improper repurposing, recycling, burning, and disposal of tire waste. In an effort to aid in the reduction of these potentially life threatening and environmentally unsafe effects, we offer tire disposal drop off at all four of our locations including Buckhannon, Fairmont, Morgantown, and our headquarters in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Please consider the harmful nature of improper tire disposal and utilize our services. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have concerning your appropriate tire disposal efforts. Thank you for joining us in this global mission!