Like any responsible automobile owner, you want the best care for your car or truck. As such, that means replacing your car tires when your tread gets too low. You might be looking into buying used tires, so you can save that extra cash you would have spent on more expensive, brand new tires. But you’re not too hasty about the decision because you’re a smart consumer, right? A few questions probably come to mind: Is buying used car tires safe? Am I really getting a better deal buying used car tires? Is buying used car tires a good investment for multiple seasons worth of usage?

These are good questions and considerations when it comes to deciding if you want used or new car tires. There are advantages and disadvantages to used and new car tires. Your friendly tire distributors at Wholesale Tire Inc. outline some of these advantages and disadvantages, so you can be a more informed consumer and make the best decision that fits your car and budget.


Outright, purchasing used car tires wins in terms of the price. Unless you’re looking into really high-quality used tires versus cheap, entry-level brand new tires, then buying used tires is the way to go if you’re solely concerned about price.

However, consider the fact that many tire companies like Wholesale Tire Inc. have a deal where if you purchase three brand new car tires, you’ll get a fourth for free. And considering how having four tires on your vehicle is absolutely necessary, then it might be a deal worth thinking about.


When it comes to guaranteed tire safety, used car tires present a problem. If you’re purchasing them on Craigslist or another third-party source, there’s no surefire way of knowing the previous history of the tires, such as any potential defects, punctures or tread-wear that you might not notice when you go to check them out. Though checking the tread level is always a good idea when it comes to new or used car tires, it may not be enough to assure the safety of your purchase.


If you go with used car tires, then you’re obviously not going to have a warranty that comes along with it. Having a warranty in case something goes wrong with your tires, like having a flat on the road or purchasing a faulty tire, will make sure that the initial investment you put into your tires is the only one that you put in.


Obviously, brand new automobile tires are superior to used tires when it comes to longevity. Tires with reduced tread will not last as long as tires with untouched tread, so after only a few seasons, you might find yourself in the market to buy more tires. This is where purchasing brand new car tires really makes sense, because you know that they should last at least a few years, depending on how often and how aggressive you drive.

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