At times, owning a car can feel like more of a hassle than an advantage. The fear of not getting from point A to point B is a legitimate concern. When things do go awry, it’s not often a simple fix either. To make your relationship with your car a little easier, our tire and auto experts of West Virginia are here to help you know these simple things:

What kind of car do you drive?
It is not rare for people to either not know or be mistaken of what their car’s make, model, and year. This mistake can cost you. Replacing fluids, repairing parts, and finding the right accessories all depend on knowing the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Car technology is constantly improving, so each design will vary from year to year and model to model. Ultimately, not knowing this information can critically increase the probability of your car malfunctioning.

Do you know your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
No, it is not necessary to memorize this seventeen digit identification number. If you feel the need to, we absolutely encourage doing so. What is most important is at least knowing where to locate your VIN number. This is the only true way to prove your ownership and is necessary for future documentation, claiming insurance, and sometimes we may need this information when servicing your vehicle. You can locate this number by standing outside of your vehicle and finding it below the corner of your front windshield.

Do you know the last time your vehicle was serviced?
Just like going in for your annual checkup, your vehicle also has a routine maintenance schedule. Unlike your own body though, you can’t internally feel when your car isn’t doing well. That’s why it is critical to read your owner’s manual and follow its strict instructions. This will tell you when your car needs oil changes, tire rotations, and replacement fluids. These routine services will also let you catch other issues before they can cause permanent damage. When these problems do arise, our local auto and tire shop is here to help!dreamstime_xxl_45165884

Did you forget to check your tire pressure?
Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Whether you hate checking your tire pressure, do not know how to, never seem to have the quarters on hand when you’re at the gas station, or just don’t feel comfortable performing this, know that your local tire shop is more than happy to help. In the end, low tire pressure can lead to flats, blow outs, an increased chance of puncturing, and faster wearout. This simple check can save you the cost of having to purchase new tires prematurely.

Please, do not wait for major problems to occur before seeking help from your West Virginia tire shop. We encourage you to be proactive in your auto and tire care. Should you have any questions or concerns, give us a call or stop in for an appointment today!