In today’s modern, eco-friendly world, it’s nice to recycle and repurpose old things, especially when they can’t be used as originally intended. When car tires lose most of their tread and become unsafe to continue using on your vehicle, this gives you a perfect opportunity to turn your set of tires into something new and different. And we’re not just talking about your standard tire swing, either.

Once your car tires are done being used on your vehicle, most people pretty much treat them as trash, anyway. So why not repurpose them into something good-looking and useful? As it turns out, due to the circular shape of tires, they have many different creative applications when it comes to decorations or even furniture. Check out these 10 different ways to recycle and reuse your old car tires, and for a new set of automotive tires in West Virginia, come down to Wholesale Tire Inc. to get great deals on brand new truck tires, snow tires, car tires, and more.

Tire Sandbox

If you’re a parent of little ones and happen to have an old, large spare tire from a tractor or something similar, this would make a great foundation for a sandbox. Simply seal one side of the tire, fill it with sand, and voilà! Now you have a budget play area for your kids, and the tire didn’t go to waste.

Tire Armchair

This one requires a good amount of time and effort, but you can use an old standard car tire as a base for an armchair, like a wicker chair, for example. Intricate wicker weaving and metal poles for the legs of the chair make for a novel piece of furniture.

Tire Planter

This one is a little bit more simple. Simply hang an old tire from a tree via a chain and stick your dirt and plant inside. You can also hang the tire on a wall for an inside planter. The well of the tire easily holds water, so you won’t have to frequently water your plant, which is nice. As a bonus, paint the tire any color you like.

Tire Birdfeeder

On a related note, you can also hang a tire from a tree in your backyard, and simply fill the tire well with birdseed. You’ll be the neighborhood hit with your local birds, squirrels, and other critters.

Tire Umbrella Stand

This one is also fairly simple. If you live in a particularly rainy area and you have multiple umbrellas that you want in a centralized location, then use an old car tire to place them. Just poke large holes through various parts of the old tire, and stick the umbrellas through. Done!

Tire Stairs

If you have a large backyard or a garden area that’s at a bit of a slope, then adding a series of tire stairs is not a bad idea! Make sure they are firmly placed in succession with one another and filled with plenty of dirt so that they are stable.

Half Tire Hammocks

This one speaks for itself – just make sure to be careful when you’re cutting the tire in half. Remember, painting the old car tire is always a bonus!

Tire Speaker

Placing a speaker or right-sized subwoofer in a tire makes a great-looking home sound system. Use a large guitar stand to support the tire subwoofer.

Tire Outdoor Table

You can make this as simple or intricate as you’d like. If you’re feeling low-effort, just paint the tires, stack them together, and place a round piece of glass on top and weigh it down with some nice flowers or something.

Tire Swing

Okay, we had to go for this classic use of an old car tire. Just firmly attach an old tire to a tree, preferably near a body of water, and let the fun unfold!

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