About Your Local Wholesale Tire Distributors

At Wholesale Tire, Inc. we believe that our size is our advantage. Bigger than the average local tire shop and smaller than the faceless corporations, we deliver a unique brand of service for our valued clients.

Our team is able to offer personalized service to each individual client to ensure complete satisfaction. Our goal is to eliminate errors and to erase delays by taking the time to work as a partner with each client. In addition, we also ensure every order is delivered with the utmost care.

With more than 66 years of experience as your local tire retailers, we are the proven experts in all tire brands and accessories. Our tire shop offers 24/7 web access and local customer care five days a week with customer-focused services that go beyond anything our competitors are willing to do.

After working with the most recognized automotive businesses in the region, we understand just what our customers need when it comes to tires and accessories. And we’re here to deliver! With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at unmatched customer satisfaction, we aren’t too shy to offer services that will blow your mind. Find out why we’re the unquestioned experts in tires by calling our client care team today. We’re ready to help!